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Stormae grew up in Bournemouth on the South coast of England where the natural beauty of the rugged coastline inspired her art and music from a young age. At age 7 she started playing the violin and at age 11 the piano. Stormae was classically trained until the age of 18 when she achieved Grade 8 in both instruments. Also around that time she started painting sea/landscapes and composing pieces on the piano in response to nature. Stormae studied a BA in Film and Theatre in Reading where she worked on her naturally rich soul voice and improvisational skills on violin and vocals. At university she developed her passion for electronic music whilst incorporating experimental compositions into her adapted theatre productions. At this time she gained live experience at various gigs around Reading and London before living in Australia where she performed regularly and before returning to London. Stormae's unique production style mixes the raw natural elements of classical violin/piano and her velvety vocals with ambient synth melodies, deep bass-lines and oldskool riffs, producing a more emotive style of electronica.

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