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Kalavnik :: katie bar the door

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Its 2009 and SWISHCOTHEQUE RECORDS is back!
So for the first release and new dawn of SWISHCO and 2009 we've gone to the land of the rising sun to bring to you:
KALAVNIK and his debut full length album KATIE BAR THE DOOR.
KALAVNIK gives us on KATIE BAR THE DOOR a master class in electronica.From the fast insane drum'n'breaks on Drought, 1980's arcade video game style synths on Domainized Conf.TY, to blissed-out ambient grooves on Jackeroo Struggle and then on to The Acid influence bass line of Quickanalogue Nords.
KATIE BAR THE DOOR has something for all ears and will keep those ears listening for ever and ever and ever!!!!!!
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words: (TEDDITEA)

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