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I first came into contact with music production in 2004. Loving the soundtracks from the famous "Final Fantasy" games, I soon wanted to produce my own battle themes, and other stuff, but didn't have any idea how to realise that. I always thought a really big studio was required to create music, but luckily a friend (who put out a free release at that time) taught me how to make tunes with only a computer and a piece of software; immediately I started producing my own tracks. In the beginning they were definitely influenced by Final Fantasy but, after a while, I also discovered Aphex Twin and was amazed at how interesting electronic dance music can sound. I got more and more into it and also started to DJ.

Since then I have mainly been producing electronic music, in many different genres, and evolving a quite obvious predilection for Acid grooves.

Debut lp out Oct 2011 : )

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