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Die Blutige Hand :: elka

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This well respected polymath returns to Swishcotheque with a full length album this time. Elka is his most accessible, emotional, and colourful release so far.
The first tracks give good indication of his uplifting, bizarre and more melancholy musical facets, as well as showcasing his friendly beat structures and idiosyncratic contrapuntal delights. The whole release takes you through various flavours and emotions effortlessly; conflating in the catharsis of "Fire", before the last tune, broad and relieved, rounds the album up.

Elka was composed during a very productive phase in the autumn and winter of 2008, as an antidote from and against the dark and cold part of the year and became his version of 'cosy braindance'.
In spring 2009 he decided to re-work and enhanced the music for release on our netlabel.
Words: Austin Cassell

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