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Chris Moss Acid

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my name is chris. I am a producer of music. Mainly I write acid music with analouge hardwares, but i have been known to dabble in digital music as well, for an example of this I have written music under the alias of 'Dj Jo Quaid 5' which is a sidchip tribute to all the great 3 track sidchip tunes from when i was growing up playing the commodore 64 and nes systems respectedly.

As for my acid music, although inspired by the acidhouse greats from chicago and latter acid legends from the uk. nothing inspires me more then the town i live in which is bournemouth, which features lush beaches and lonely fields and industrial wrath.

I have released music on Brightons Wrong Music, Belgium's WeMe Records, and Chicago's Mathematics Recordings. And digitially on Net-lab, V/VM's Vukzid and Swedish independent record label Rucksack Records.

If your into electronic synthesizers and intrested in what musical equipment I have used for any-period of my career here is a list: Boss se-70, mackie dfx12, sh-101, tb-303, tr-606, tr-707,casio sk5, zoom rt123, peral syncussion, ULT sound ds4 promuzer, klone dual perscussion synthesiser, zoom gfx707, ensoniq esq-1, commodore 64, ms-20, boss br-8, technics rs-tr265, dell inspiration 1501.

I like to play parties. Ive played at partys all over england ranging from big nights in london to radio broadcasts and a few times overseas all of which were great partys, alot of fun can be had. playing at a party can obviously vary up to a DJ set or a Live sets, as of writing this i have decided not to play LIVE (live as in taking my equipment out of the studio and into a club) for a while due to recording commitments. but this could change at any moment. If you want to book me to play live at your club or party then send me a message and we could agree to somthing. But for now i prefure to DJ and rince it. ;)

ok, cheers.

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